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Queen of the stage is a fan based site.   

This site will  take you on a                    

magnificent pictorial journey of the       

     many looks and styles that helped make      

 Patti LaBelle the DIVA she is today .       

Queen of the stage is not affiliated with 

 Patti LaBelle, MCA Records or Direct

 Management Group.  For Patti LaBelle

    information visit her website by going to


It all started sixteen years ago. 

Its amazing how time flies when you are having fun. The night my eyes and ears beheld Patti LaBelle for the first time, I knew my life would never be the same. Patti LaBelle, the queen of the stage. The woman with the voice, that even God has to stop what he is doing to take a listen.

This site is for all the fans, who lives in some way has been touch by "The Beautiful". This is my dedication and thanks to Patti for all the years of good music, hearty laughter, wise wisdom, and feel good moments.  Enjoy!


Patti LaBelle Chat Room

 To enter the Patti LaBelle chat room, click on the image above!!!!!    


Upcoming Event

                                        Patti Pearls on sale at      book stores now  !!!!!!                                 

     Patti  performed at the the 2002 Grammy Awards    click on Grammy page link to see pictures .

Check out the official Patti LaBelle website for more info


Nona, Sarah and Patti reunited in October to give a performance of a lifetime on The Bet Walk of Fame





Patti performed at the first ever televised Super Bowl Pre Game show with Barry Manilow, Yolanda Adams, James Ingram and Wynonna.


Super bowl pictures provided by Kendal (Libra626) Thanks so much.. "This Is Your Chance, You Better Shine Sugar Shine"

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